Landscape: McMurdo’s Last Sunsets

When it’s summertime in Antarctica, the sun doesn’t set. And since tomorrow night will be the last official sunset, I guess it will officially be summer, summer, summertime here at McMurdo Station.

The last few weeks of sunsets have been pretty spectacular, and I’ll be sad to see them go. Since the sun has been dipping just below the horizon for a few hours each night, the sky gets splashed with these lovely salmons, pinks, and reds. And when there are clouds in the sky, the color contrast can be pretty amazing.

I took these photos about two weeks ago as I walked from a building on one edge of town back to my dorm room on the other edge of town. Mount Discovery, in the top photo, is one of the most beautiful stand-alone peaks that we can see across the McMurdo Ice Shelf, just about 20 miles grid southwest from town.

The middle photo, of course, is of my most-loved Royal Society Range. I’ll never get tired of staring across the ice shelf at that one…but I must admit that I’ll be sad to know that I won’t see it in this kind of color for the rest of the summer. Finally…even the beat-down McMurdo Station with its power lines strung out all of the place looks like a nice place to be in this kind of light.


One response to “Landscape: McMurdo’s Last Sunsets

  1. Gorgeous photos, Traci. I climbed at Indian Creek earlier this week and thought of you, and when we climbed there last fall. Enjoy your summer in Antartica!

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