Landscape: Forrest McCarthy’s Antarctica

Just wanted to share a great video of my current surroundings here at McMurdo Station…and elsewhere in Antarctica. Mountaineer Forrest McCarthy set this short series of clips to music last Monday after we went skate skiing together on the McMurdo Ice Shelf. I’m the gal in the lime green jacket, mountain biking with skis and then skate skiing with an orange backpack. Forrest is the guy with the crazy teeth (don’t be too alarmed…they’re fake).

Forrest is now on his way back home to Jackson, Wyoming. He worked this season with a science group called POLENET, which was based out of field camps deep in the heart of Antarctica. POLENET got a bunch of air time, hence all of the super-sweet aerial footage Forrest captured here. I love meeting people like Forrest passing through town…we had a fantastic day out skiing, and—thanks to him—I’ve got some good video to share. Cheers!


3 responses to “Landscape: Forrest McCarthy’s Antarctica

  1. Hey, thanks for posting this. It’s a lot of fun to watch. Lucky Forest. It’s snowing at home…

  2. ooops. read “Forrest”.

  3. Damiana Uberuaga

    Hey, I just got a call today from McMurdo, my sister Jules Uberuaga is getting ready to leave the ice. She told me about this video and I just watched it. Lo and behold, she is in it. Walking around with skis on her back. My daughter spent the summer there last year. We are an ice family and my turn may be coming! Damiana Uberuaga

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