Literature: Julie Burstein’s SPARK

Title: Spark: How Creativity Works // Author: Julie Burstein // Publisher: HarperCollins // Pub. Date: February 2011 // 272 p.

I’m excitedly reading the upcoming book Spark: How Creativity Works, by radio reporter Julie Burstein. Burstein created Studio 360, public radio’s premier guide to contemporary culture, and Spark is much like this radio program—but in book form. Spark explores the paths of people who have shaped contemporary writing, painting, music, performance, and other artistic pursuits. It’s like taking a journey into the minds of the twenty-first century’s most influential and creative thinkers, including the likes of Mira Nair, Richard Ford, Rosanne Cash, and Yo-Yo Ma. Burstein says in the book’s introduction that when she created Studio 360, she wanted to find answers to questions such as “What do we look to art for, in the twenty-first century? What are these artists revealing to us, and why are we compelled to look and listen?” Studio 360, with its tag “where art and real life collide,” was an immediate hit, and for Spark, Burstein chose stories from artists who tell us something about that “oscillation between art and life.” This book is as fascinating as the radio program from which it was born, and I suspect that it, too, will be loved and praised in similar fashion.

Spark is a must-read for: artists and poets and their parents and friends, museum goers, film buffs, biography lovers, musicians and music collectors, the artsy-craftsy crowd.

Photo credit: HarperCollins


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