Landscape: Evening in The San Isabel

The cool thing about settling down is that you get to know a place—I mean, really know a place. Since I returned to Colorado at the beginning of March, this place for me has been a heavily forested 12-acre section of Colorado’s San Isabel National Forest. I ski in and out of my living quarters in the area, a backcountry cabin at 10,500 feet—surrounded by lodgepole pines and a pond (currently frozen). Since the snow is so deep, it’s not even possible to snowshoe in. I tried it one night and failed, post-holing into hip-deep snow. A ski-only approach is fine with me, since skiing is better transportation and more fun.

I’m often skinning up to this place in the evenings, and one night last week, I found myself surrounded by some good night color:

The clouds lit up in a beautiful salmon light—

And not too long after that, a crescent moon appeared in the sky.

I don’t like to turn my headlamp on until I’m tripping over my ski tips, so it feels pretty spectacular to be out in the wide-open like this in the inky night light. Without a headlamp on, I watch the trees turn black against their blue backdrop.

And by the time I’m on my deck, I’m watching the stars spread out across the sky, one point of diamond light at a time.


One response to “Landscape: Evening in The San Isabel

  1. Jealous!

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