Literature: Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me

The New York Times has out its summer reading lists—to read them in last weekend’s Book Review at, click here. I’ve picked out a book for summer reading that didn’t make the cut—the new Chelsea Handler book, Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me. Why didn’t The New York Times put this book on their summer reading list? Maybe because it’s not all that good of a book, to be honest. It’s written by a hodgepodge collection of the comedienne’s friends, family, and co-workers. It contains a lot of cuss words and embarrassingly funny stories. There’s not so much in-depth character analysis, and some of this book’s threads don’t quite come together. But I’d recommend it…because…I mean, who doesn’t need to lighten up? This book is just plain funny. It’s a light, easy read. It’s the type of book you’ll be able to follow on the bus or plane—or devour in one afternoon at the beach. Handler even foreshadows in the book’s introduction what its substance will be, saying: “I have to come to terms with what it is I have to offer the world, and obviously what it is isn’t mind-blowing.”

Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me has been in the top five on the New York Times bestseller list since it was published a few weeks ago. If you don’t already know…Chelsea Handler is the star of her own late-night talk show on E!, Chelsea Lately, and E!’s comedy series, After Lately. At the age of 19, she visited a family member in Los Angeles and didn’t take the plane back home to New Jersey. Instead, she began auditioning for gigs and landed a role on the TV show Girls Behaving Badly. Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me demonstrates that Chelsea Handler’s still behaving badly—but mostly in good fun. Despite this book’s lack of _________*, Handler ultimately succeeds here in doing what she sets out to do: to “Give, give, give, and laugh, laugh, laugh.”

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Click here to read my longer, nicer review of Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me on’s Contemporary Literature website.

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  1. *I might suggest words such as: plot, depth, research….?

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