Life: Go…Green?

For Christmas, my sister bought the entire family tickets to yesterday’s New York Jets vs. New York Giants game. What excited me the most about this event? The tailgating—the tailgating from the backside of my sister’s avocado green 1979 VW Westy.

Shawna’s been known to concoct quite a tailgating spread, and from her previous Jets games, she’s earned a reputation for driving “The Jetmobile.” We arrived early (8:00 for a 1:00 kickoff) and planned multiple courses. It was very, very cold, however, so I spent the first few hours inside the VW, huddled in my down jacket and wrapped up in fleece blankets.

But then the sun finally started to warm things up, so I got outside to inspect the spread. My mom bought an array of Christmas cookies with her on the plane from Louisville, Kentucky, and Shawna mixed up some morning mimosas.

Other items in the spread included herbed potato and egg breakfast burritos, turkey burgers, corn salad, and a crunchy broccoli slaw.

We walked to the stadium with full bellies and took our seats. This being my first Jets game, I had many new cheers to learn. Luckily, they weren’t difficult. Announcer: “It’s a Jets…?” Crowd: “FIRST DOWN!!!!” Captain Ed (fan cheer leader): “J!” Crowd: “E-T-S…JETS, JETS, JETS!!”

The flight crew cheerleaders took center field during halftime in sexy Ms. Claus-like santa suits and performed a holiday dance routine. Then the Jets started losing, and the crowd began losing its good holiday cheer. I watched two little scuffles break out between mouthy Giants fans and Jets loyalists. Late into the drinking day, things began turning sour.

MetLife Stadium (capacity: 82,566) stood strong, holding us all together—Jets fans and Giants fans alike—until the late-day sun worked its way up the crowd and left us cold in its shadows. Final score? Giants: 29. Jets…14.


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