Life: Hut Trip–10th Mountain Division Hut

Following the blue diamonds to any one of Colorado’s 10th Mountain Division Huts is a treat. I’ve only been on one hut trip so far this winter–to the hut that’s actually named… the 10th Mountain Division Hut. The trailhead for this hut is north of Leadville on Highway 24, off a side road midway between Leadville and Ski Cooper. The approach to this hut starts out totally flat. It weaves through a marshy area, and then the incline ramps up slightly. The gradual incline remains steady through a nice meadow, and then the last little bit qualifies as the only real climb. I went for an overnight trip with a fantastic group of people, and I’ve found out on other hut trips that, despite the always-spectacular surroundings, it’s those on the trip who make it memorable.

In perfectly sunny conditions, we shoveled off the deck and went inside to check out the interior.

At the 10th Mountain Division Hut, we had to get two fires started. The wood stove in the large living room area became the one we all gathered around in the evening, telling stories, laughing, playing cards.

And the stove in the kitchen was the one we gathered around for mealtime bonding. We hauled in a ton of food and good drinks, so nobody on this trip went hungry.

The sleeping quarters were cozy, hostel-type accommodations. We all spread out our sleeping bags to claim our spaces.

And, seriously? Even the outhouse at this place was cute. If it weren’t an outhouse, I would have wanted to stay here and live in this cool little structure!

The weather remained clear all night, and the next morning we had a great view of our surroundings, including the lovely Homestake Peak.

With snow conditions in such a sorry state, we didn’t go off on any ski ventures aside from a short exploratory skin-about before dinner. But our ski out was nearly as leisurely as our ski in, and we all left feeling refreshed from the cold, mountain air.


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