Landscape: Homestake Peak

I’ve got a new favorite peak here in Colorado: Homestake Peak. Elevation: 13,209 feet. I gawked at it a bunch this summer as I drove up and down Highway 24 between Minturn and Leadville. It’s visible on the west side of Hwy 24 just a bit south of the Tennessee Pass summit. I like the look of a nice, pyramid peak. And this one has a long, gradual ridge leading to its summit.

I finally got to get closer to Homestake Peak on my recent visit to the 10th Mountain Hut, but we only stayed in the hut for a night and didn’t get out for a long ski day. The entire ski-skin in to the hut, we faced Homestake, and I could see it in my shoulder every time I looked behind me on our ski out (photo above, at right).

The ski conditions have been sketchy at best this season, but I’d still like to get out before the spring’s over, ski up the east ridge, and see what the world looks like from the top.


One response to “Landscape: Homestake Peak

  1. Be sure to spend some time at the reservoir. It’s an interesting place..beautiful, and kind of creepy.

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