Survival Skills Site: LAUNCHED.

Greetings! I just began writing as the Survival Skills Topic Guide for I’ll be posting new articles each week on the site,, and I’ll also write related posts here, on “Down and Out,” in addition to posting other writings about all of the ongoing nature/adventure/great outdoors fun.

Category topics on the Survival Skills site include: survival basics, wilderness first aid, tools & gear, rescue skills & techniques, weather, climate & terrain, navigation…and everything else survival-related. On the Survival Skills site, I’ll write interviews with real-life survivors to share their stories, and I’ll be featuring scenarios that take readers step-by-step through survival challenges and offer tips about how to overcome them.

You can click the “follow” button on this site if you’d like to be alerted to new “Down and Out” blog posts, but be sure to check out the Survival Skills site if you want the in-depth, latest-greatest survival skills news!

Photo © Traci J. Macnamara: Yours truly, LAUNCHING: demonstrating how to rappel from my apartment window // Les Tines // Chamonix, France


One response to “Survival Skills Site: LAUNCHED.

  1. Hi Traci,
    Congratulations on being the new Survival Guide at I’ve been the Climbing Guide for four years now! It’s a good gig and it leads to lots of other work and writing too. Feel free to use any of my links on the Climbing site for your articles and blog like for climbing equipment or whatever until you build enough links in your site. I’ll use your new stuff too as links on my site. Also feel free to shoot me any questions you have about being a guide for!
    Stewart Green

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