Mont Blanc: Beautiful, Tragic, and Sublime

The sad news here this week in Chamonix, France is that an avalanche killed nine climbers Wednesday morning on their way to summit Mont Blanc.

BBC News Reported on July 12 that four climbers are still missing. Reports aren’t clear on the cause of the avalanche–some say that it may have been caused by the climbers, themselves, passing over avalanche-prone terrain, or it could have been caused by a serac falling and then triggering the slide.

I’ve climbed Mont Blanc two times and wanted to post some photos to share the stunning beauty of this place in honor of the lost climbers. In the July 12 BBC Article, Chamonix-based guide Richard Mansfield described the area as “very beautiful” but very avalanche-prone. It’s not difficult to understand why people would want to go to this place; the tragedy is that many do not return.

The Cosmiques Hut, where many climbers stay the night before attempting to climb Mont Blanc:

Climbers making their way towards the Mont Blanc summit:

Sisters on the summit of Mont Blanc:

The view from the Mont Blanc summit:

Photos © Shawna Macnamara.
Captions (top to bottom): Mont Blanc in the evening light from Lac Blanc,seracs on the way to Mont Blanc summit, the Cosmiques Hut, climbers on the way to summit Mont Blanc, Shawna and Traci Macnamara on the summit of Mont Blanc,view from the Mont Blanc summit.

July 12, 2012 BBC article,
“French Alps avalanche: Climbers killed near Chamonix”:


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