Get Tough: Adopt a Survivor Mentality

Are you the type of person who confronts challenges confidently? Or do you back down and cower away when they occur? I’ve certainly done my share of whimpering in the outdoors, even though I know that moaning might not help the pain of blisters, scrapes, or bruises. And it does nothing but annoy my outdoor-adventure companions. Most survival experts agree that having what’s called a survival mentality is key to surviving life-threatening situations. Especially when you’re in the outdoors, it’s important to adopt a survivor mentality when someone in your party gets hurt, when you confront an unexpected environmental challenge (bear! rockslide!), or when you get lost at night…for example. Sure–skills and tools and physical fitness are all important to your success, but having the right attitude is the foundation upon which you should build your skills.

If you’d like to strengthen your survival mentality, read my article titled “Adopt a Survival Mentality: How to Get Tough” on the Survival Skills site. You’ll see the importance of, simply, deciding to survive and managing your stress. Developing a plan, sticking to a routine, and thinking positively are also important to overcoming your worst-case scenario.

Photo © Traci J. Macnamara.
Caption: Yours truly, displaying battle wounds–blisters–and exhibiting a positive, survival mentality: smiling through the pain.

Click this link to read more:
Adopt a Survival Mentality: How to Get Tough”


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