Purifying Water in the Backcountry

I went on a backpacking trip last week up Vail, Colorado’s Pitkin Creek drainage. Even though we camped up high, we were able to find water easily from a nice stream. However, water isn’t so easy to find in other landscapes, such as this one in Utah at Canyonlands National Park’s Salt Creek:

When I went backpacking in Salt Creek, we found a mostly dried-up creek and some murky water:

However, we knew that we’d find at least one good water source because we checked in with the ranger station and read the notes from recent campers who’d found this sweet desert oasis:

My outdoor adventure gal-pal brought along her portable water filter, so we were able to replenish our water here for the three-day trip.

Purified water is essential to outdoor survival, but it also makes nice noodle dinners!

And…perhaps even more essential than noodle dinners? Coffee–along with a good book in the backcountry.

Want to know more about purifying water in the backcountry?
Check out the About.com Survival Skills site:
“Three Ways to Purify Water in the Backcountry”

Water is a basic element of human survival, but it often needs to be purified before you can drink it in the outdoors. Here are three ways to purify water in the backcountry…click here to continue reading


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