How to Signal for Rescue with a Mirror

Most rescue techniques sound simple enough…until you try them yourself, right? Take signaling with a rescue mirror, for instance. Most people know that you can use a mirror or another bright object to signal distress and attract the attention of rescuers. But what if you don’t know how to aim your little rescue mirror? Well…here are two great videos that demonstrate the technique.

First–an excellent video how-to that explains why mirror signaling works and how to use a mirror as a rescue signal:

Besides using regular mirrors or shiny objects to attract rescue, you could spend about $10 and buy an actual rescue mirror that has built-in sighting and aiming aids. Even if you have one of these with you when you need to use it, you still should practice ahead of time to make sure that you actually know how to do it.

Click here to watch a video about the SOL Rescue Flash™ Signal Mirror that explains how.

Many other rescue aids besides mirrors exist. Both visual and auditory methods can help you attract attention if you need to be rescued in the backcountry. Knowing communications conventions, such as arranging visual signals in threes, can help you communicate more effectively.

Want to know more about signaling for rescue?
Read my article on the Survival Skills website:
“How to Signal for a Wilderness Rescue”
If you are stranded in a backcountry setting and you need to be rescued, effective communication can be one of your most important resources. Know the distress and rescue communications conventions, and plan quickly to communicate your distress signal so that you can attract the attention you need before it’s too late…click here to continue reading


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