Snow Travel: A Book for Fellow Lovers of Snowy Terrain

snow travel bookA lot of my recent posts have featured snowy landscapes or advice for winter adventures. Well…because…it’s winter, and winter is my favorite time of the year. But I suppose if you wanted to, you could extend your snowy adventures into the late spring or summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, or you could adopt a “never summer” mentality and go to the Southern Hemisphere each year in June for a second summer. Not bad ideas…but if you’re going to become a snow chaser, you should check out Mike Zawaski’s new book Snow Travel: Skills for Climbing, Hiking, and Crossing Over Snow. This new book in the Mountaineers Outdoor Experts Series will tell you all you need to know about how to travel effectively on snowy terrain, including how to choose and use essential gear such as an ice axe and crampons, how to self-arrest when you’re falling down a slippery slope, and how to safely descend snowy terrain. So…if you’re a fellow lover of winter, and you seek out opportunities to adventure outdoors in snowy conditions, this book is one you’ll want to add to your shelf whether you’re likely to encounter a snow-covered slope while summer hiking in the Sierra Nevada or whether you’re out there getting after your winter play, as usual.

Want to know more about Zawaski’s new book?
See my article on the Survival Skills site:
“Review of Snow Travel: Skills for Climbing, Hiking, and Crossing Over Snow”
Mike Zawaski’s Snow Travel: Climbing, Hiking, and Crossing Over Snow offers key details about how to move effectively through challenging terrain. Use this resource to gain essential knowledge that you can put into action the next time you confront a snow-covered trail or steep, snowy slope…click here to continue reading

Photo © The Mountaineers Books & Braided River.


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