Quotable: Rebecca Lerner’s Dandelion Hunter

Title: Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness // Author: Rebecca Lerner // Publisher: Lyons Press // Pub. Date: April 2013 // 224 p.

Dandelion HunterI recently read Rebecca Lerner’s Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness and wanted to share some quotable moments here. In this book, author Rebecca Lerner takes on a weeklong challenge to eat only the wild, edible plants that she forages from the surroundings near her home in Portland, Oregon. At first, she fails in this quest after only a few days, but then she learns a lot from the animals (including people) in her surroundings and tries again with renewed commitment, skills, and success.

I found Dandelion Hunter to be an inspiring and engaging read. Learner writes with a humorous style, and she also includes relevant historical details for context. While the book isn’t a practical how-to primer about how to forage for edible plants in your surroundings, it will inspire you to get in touch with your inner hunter-gatherer.

Quotables from Rebecca Lerner’s Dandelion Hunter:

“No matter how many chemicals we invent or how advanced our electronic gadgets become, our flesh remains as biodegradable as dirt and leaves.”

“Every time I learn a new plant, the world expands.”

“Some people have fantasy football teams. I have a fantasy apocalypse team, a crew I want in my corner if society collapses, taking electricity and grocery stores with it.”

“If nature is conscious, then Earth is not merely a web of mechanically reflexive predators and prey but something much more magical than that: a vibrant, interdependent collective of living, thinking beings that extends everywhere across the planet. It’s alive.”

“Conventional agriculture can be like a dominating boyfriend who forces his girlfriend to change to meet his specifications. Foraging is like a sweet one who loves her for exactly who she is.”

“Foraging…leads us far beyond the limits of dualistic frameworks like human versus nature or city versus wilderness.”

“We find the wilderness within.”

“…in our torrid embrace of technology we have forgotten that the natural world is just as magical–maybe even more.”

“The dirt on which we walk is made of stars. Dig under the pavement and you find the bones of saber-toothed tigers.”

“Every wild plant is a link to what once was and to what could be. It’s all here, still. We have only to remember.”

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Photo © Lyons Press.


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