Jewelweed: An Antidote for Poison Ivy Pain

Jewelweed is a known natural antidote to poison ivy pain. But if you’re out there on a backpacking trip, you need to know how to find this jewel of a plant because it can save you from some serious itching, burning, and oozing. If you’ve already failed to identify poison ivy, don’t mess up twice. Watch this video to learn how to identify jewelweed, and then read my article “Poison Ivy Survival and Remedies” on the Survival Skills website to learn how to avoid poison ivy in the first place and how to use items in your backpack or in your surroundings to treat yourself in case you still don’t get it quite right…

First: Jewelweed.

Second: “Poison Ivy Survival and Remedies.” (Click that link for the full article, which includes info about habitat, identification, dangers, and treatments for poison ivy problems).


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