Baboon Encounters in Kruger and Cape Town, South Africa

I’m currently on a three-week trip in South Africa and have been learning a lot about the local flora and fauna, including some animals that could kill a human in an instant (lions…leopards) and about others that are just plain fascinating or oddly cute (ostrich and warthogs).

While in Kruger National Park, we encountered two troops of baboons, and now in Cape Town, I’ve heard plenty of baboon stories and seen baboon warning signs at all of the local trailheads. I wanted to share a few photos from our Kruger baboon encounters and also share a link to the article I wrote about surviving baboon encounters on the Survival Skills site (more info below).


baboon kruger 1

We encountered the above baboon troop while crossing a bridge in Kruger National Park on our drive from Berg-en-Dal to Lataba rest camp. There were a few big males leading the way across the bridge, and the whole show caused a brief traffic jam.

baboon kruger 2

The troop contained many large baboons…

baboon kruger 3

…and a few youngsters.

baboon kruger 4

We again saw our first signs of baboons further north when one scurried across the road in front of us. When we looked around, we started seeing them everywhere.

baboon kruger 5

In trees……and in the bush beside us.

baboon kruger 6

Of course, as it is when trying to view wild animals, we got a lot of butt shots as they tried to walk away.

Want to know more about hiking and baboon safety?
Read my article on the Survival Skills website:
“How to Survive a Baboon Encounter”


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