Seaside Camping: Some Beaches are Better than Others

If you’re out there in the middle of nowhere, walking along a beach (sounds nice!), and you need to camp out unexpectedly in an emergency situation (not-so-nice!), you need to know how to choose a seaside campsite and build a basic beach shelter. All of the beaches pictured here are stunning, beautiful places…but some would be better than others for an emergency campsite.

Too rocky and crazy (but crazy beautiful!):

rocky shore

Nice choice, but camp far enough away from the shore to avoid high tide:

nice beach

Pretty rocky, but the grass looks soft, and it would make good shelter insulation:

rocky shore 2

Also a nice beach for camping…

beach camping

I took these photographs on a recent trip to Cape Town, South Africa. If you’d like to know more about survival camping and beach shelters, see my article on the Survival Skills website:

“Seaside Camping: Basic Shelter and Site Selection”
Perhaps you’ve only planned for a casual seaside day hike, but someone in your party has become injured or sick. Or maybe you’re out alone on a remote beach hike, and you’ve become lost. When you’re unable to call for assistance or get home before dark, seaside survival skills and your ability to improvise can help you endure a potentially frightening or dangerous experience…click here to continue reading

Photos © Traci J. Macnamara.


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