Ready-Made Solar Still

AquamateIf you make a survival solar still from plastic sheeting, rocks, and a few empty containers, your total cost might be around $5.00 (for the plastic, if you have to buy it). But there are a few different kinds of pre-made solar stills that you can buy, none so cheap. These might come in handy on a boat, but since they’re not very light, they’re not practical for a seaside backpacking adventure. This one, the Aquamate Solar Still, weighs 38 ounces and costs $238.00 on

But, still…it’s a still, and it can generate up to 2 liters of fresh water a day from a seawater source.

If you’re inclined to try out the make-your-own variety, read my article on the Survival Skills website for materials and construction steps.

“Turn Seawater into Drinkable Water With a Solar Still”

Photo © Aquamate.


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