Emergency Fishing and the Southern Seas

big blueI recently went out on a morning boat ride with my brother-in-law Ray and nephew James from the yacht club where they’re members in Simon’s Town, near Cape Town, South Africa. We just wanted to go out, cruise around, and then enjoy some fish and chips. Even though the weather looked clear when we set out, we chose to travel in tandem with another boat of friends, something that Ray says he always does to ensure safety. I also noticed that we had some survival fishing gear on the boat.

First of all, we carried a very basic saltwater line and lure setup, above right, which can be attached easily to the side of the boat and simply chucked in the water until fish get excited about the red lure and decide to bite.

We also carried two fishing rods, this one equipped with an attractive saltwater fishing lure:

saltwater lure

As a party of four, we departed the harbor:

simons town harbor

And when we returned, we saw that it was the perfect day for hanging out in Simon’s Town, which is where the very tiny South African Navy also harbors its two or three (non-functioning?) ships:

simons town

Despite enjoying our nice, prepared fish and chips lunch after our cruise, I couldn’t help but envy those in this fishing boat, who got the chance to reel in their own fresh catch:

fishing boat

An emergency fishing kit like the one we had on our boat isn’t quite practical for hiking or backcountry camping, so I wrote an article on the About.com Survival Skills website about how you can make your own smaller, lighter version. Check it out here:

“Make an Emergency Survival Fishing Kit”


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