What causes iPhone compass interference?

When using the iPhone (3GS or later) compass app, you may encounter an error message that says “COMPASS INTERFERENCE: Move away from any interference, or re-calibrate by waving in a figure 8 motion.” It will look like this:

iPhone compass interference

Since the iPhone digital compass works like a magnetic compass, many different things can cause compass interference, including other magnetic fields, other electronics, or other environmental factors. The earbuds of an iPhone can cause interference; using the iPhone compass in close proximity to a laptop computer, an iPad, or another electronic device can cause interference; and using the iPhone compass in close proximity to a magnetic compass can also cause interference. Since a car’s dashboard can have a high number of electronics and magnetic devices inside of it, the iPhone compass may receive interference when set on a dashboard.

To alleviate the problem, simply remove the iPhone compass from the area of the device causing the interference, and wave it in a figure 8 motion, as the error message directs, and it will reset itself. If you are in a car, the compass will likely recalibrate itself as you make a few more turns…so don’t get in a car crash trying to wave it around in a figure 8 motion.

While this information may be annoying to those who would like to use the iPhone compass in their car or while indoors working on a computer…those who use the compass for its outdoor purpose will have better luck. So get out your iPhone compass app and practice in the great outdoors!

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