The Most Poisonous Snakes on the Planet

It might be reassuring to know that only one of the 12 most poisonous snakes on the planet resides in the United States, the tiger rattlesnake:

tiger rattlesnake

Notice from the image above that the tiger rattlesnake has characteristics common of other venomous snakes in the United States, including an angular head, a varied color pattern, and a rattle on its tail.

For a full-color slide show and descriptions of the 12 Most Poisonous Snakes on Earth, click here.

The 12 Most Poisonous Snakes on Earth:

1. Sea Snakes (including the hook-nosed sea snake, Belcher’s sea snake, and others listed…)
2. Inland Taipan
3. Russell’s Viper
4. Eastern Brown Snake
5. Black Mamba
6. Tiger Rattlesnake
7. Boomslang
8. Common Krait
9. Desert Horned Viper
10. Tiger Snake
11. Forest Cobra
12. Puff Adder

Want to know how to identify other venomous snakes?
Read my article on the Survival Skills website:

“Common Characteristics of Venomous Snakes in the United States”

Photo © Flickr® user cotinis.


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