Helicopters and Signaling for Emergency Rescue

In the recent flooding in Boulder, Colorado, emergency rescue helicopters flew stranded residents to safety. The Blackhawk was one type of helicopter used in the rescues:


The CH-47 Chinook was another type of helicopter used to rescue people:


Both of these types of helicopters were dispatched to Boulder from the 2nd Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment out of Fort Carson, Colorado. Colorado National Guard displayed incredible skill and courage in rescuing people, stranded in their homes or in other remote locations. People were even pulled to safety from submerged cars.

This YouTube video shows a rescue helicopter in action in Boulder:

News reporters in Boulder sent out broadcasts letting people know that helicopters would be scanning the area and looking for people who needed to be rescued. They suggested that those who needed rescue have a white sheet or a white flag to wave and that they use a signal mirror to attract the attention of aircraft.

If you’re in need of rescue in a wilderness emergency situation, and you believe that an aircraft may be looking for you, you can use a number of signaling techniques including smoke fires, signal mirrors, and ground-to-air symbols.

To review the five-symbol ground-to-air emergency code symbols and their meanings, see my article on the About.com Survival Skills website:

“Rescue Signaling: Know the Ground-to-Air Emergency Code”

Blackhawk Photo © Flickr® user USASOC News Service.
Chinook Photo © Flickr® user California National Guard.


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