Don’t be That Guy/Gal: Avoid These Space Blanket Shortcomings

Emergency space blankets weigh only three ounces, and they’re easy to toss in your backpack. So why not? More people probably should carry emergency gear, but if you’re carrying an emergency space blanket hoping that it will save your life in a survival situation…it probably, alone, won’t do the trick. I like this guy–Dr. Donner, of MedWild videos–and I like his approach to space blanket usage. Here, he explains just a few shortcomings of these lightweight wonders (?):

In conclusion, Dr. Donner says:

“Emergency space blankets may not be the end-all item for your survival kit.”

I agree. And no gear, alone, can substitute for practiced skills and years of outdoor experience. But I also think that it’s a good idea to be prepared and carry the gear that you will want when you find yourself in an emergency situation.

Want to know more about what gear you can easily add to your stash?
Read my article on the Survival Skills website:

“Complete Survival Basics for Under $100”


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