Share Your Adventure with SPOT Satellite Messaging

What’s new with emergency notification technology? The SPOT Gen3™. And it has some cool tracking features that you can customize to help make your adventure more social by sharing your location with friends and family as you travel and saving it for future reference.

This how-to video from SPOT that highlights this PLB-messenger’s tracking and sharing features, which are also available with the earlier SPOT model and now enhanced with the Gen3:

Some Gen3 highlights include enhanced tracking features that enable you to vary your tracking speed down to 2.5 minutes. If you’d like to share your progress with friends and family, you can create a shared SPOT page before you leave so that any tracking information will automatically update on the page and interface with Google maps. In advance of your journey, you can choose message text and contacts; you can also create multiple share pages with different contacts (one for friends and one for family, for instance).

Want to know more about the new SPOT Gen3™?
Check out my article on the Survival Skills website:

“Survival Gear Overview: The SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger”


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