Auvi-Q™: An Alternative to the EpiPen

Most of us are aware of the EpiPen epinephrine injector (OUCH!):

epi pen

But earlier this year, an article in the New York Times business section reported on a new EpiPen alternative, the Auvi-Q™, a device that, like the EpiPen, is an epinephrine injector…but with a new technological twist. The Auvi-Q™ talks users through the injection process to curb severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), which can be incredibly dangerous anywhere and especially dangerous in remote outdoor settings. You can check out the Auvi-Q™ website’s demo page, which offers a virtual tour of the device’s key features, and you can also download the Auvi-Q™ Companion App on the site.

The Auvi-Q™ appeals to the tech-savvy, for sure, but the old EpiPen will still continue to do the trick…and, apparently, with no less pain in its stick.

To know more about why the EpiPen and the Auvi-Q™ are important to carry in the outdoors to prevent severe allergic reactions in susceptible persons, read my article on the Survival Skills website:

“Preventing and Surviving Anaphylactic Reactions in the Outdoors”

Photo © Flickr® user gregfriese.


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