Flash Floods and Camping Safety

Flash floods are the most dangerous types of floods, threatening campers with sudden and even unexpected occurrence. Always make sure that you prepare in advance of a camping trip by researching an area’s flood potential, and even if you’re so tired that you feel like plopping down your tent anywhere–don’t. Make an educated choice about your campsite location, especially when in mountainous or hilly terrain and in canyon country.

To see the destruction that a flash flood can cause, check out this video that shows footage from flash flooding in a canyon basin in Utah. Notice the warning signs, and listen carefully to the narrator’s explanation of the terrain features that contribute to the flood danger:

Want to know more about flood danger and camping?
Read my article on the About.com Survival Skills website:

“How to Choose a Flood-Safe Campsite”


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  1. Thanks for advice.
    Great information.

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