Monday Madness: Flyboarding and Wingsuit Flying

By now, you’ve probably seen people jumping off of cliffs and flying down batman-style while wearing wingsuits. But have you heard about flyboarding, the latest craze in watersports?

Flyboarding is being called the “hottest new extreme watersport,” and a flyboard is basically a device that you can attach to a personal watercraft (such as a Jet Ski) which allows the user (imagine: you) to fly under water and in the air, sort of like a dolphin. Check out the links below to the flyboarding and wingsuit flying Learnist boards I created to learn more about these sports and to watch the viral YouTube videos they’ve inspired:

“Wingsuit Flying: The Thrills, Dangers, and Deaths”

Wingsuit flying Learnist image

“Flyboarding: The Coolest…or the Wackiest New Watersport?”

Flyboarding Learnist


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