Vail 2013-2014 Ski Season Events: Are You Ready?

Vail opens up for skiing (officially, with ski lifts running and everything!) on November 22, 2013. Are you ready? Skis tuned? Gloves and hats and goggles located? You’ve got 11 days from today to get organized.

Get ready to enjoy Vail’s blue-bird days with your ski pals this winter:

Vail-Traci Macnamara and Tarrie Burnett

From the beginning of the season, until the last day…

Val Season End

…Vail has something going on.

Mark your calendar with Vail’s 2013-2014 ski season highlights, all gathered here on this board I created for Learnist (click the link to go to the board):

“Vail, Colorado: 2013-2014 Ski Season Events Preview”

Vail 2013-2014 Season Events Preview


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