Life-long Love and Good Snacks

A lot of things contribute to a good outdoor adventure, but two big things–LIFE-LONG LOVE and GOOD SNACKS help.

Life-long Love. By life-long love, I mean committing to something for the longterm. I’ve been thinking about that one a lot on my Skiing Triple Digits quest. I mean, this is only one season in my life. Sure, skiing a lot is the idea now, but I still want to be skiing when I’m a (really) old lady!

Snacks. Everything tastes better in the backcountry, especially when you’re starving and dehydrated, right? I’ve been trying not to get to the starving and dehydrated phase, though occasionally it still happens. My favorite backcountry skiing snacks include nuts (cashew and almonds mixed together) and nutty bars. Real food options are the best, and I like mixed nuts because they don’t seem to freeze as quickly as other things (like Cliff Bars).

I created the following Learnist boards to help inspire my life-long love of skiing and to help me get some better snack ideas. Leave comments to share your own! Click on the links (not the images) to access the boards:

“How to Ski for Your Entire Life”

Ski for Your Entire Life

“Energy-Packed Snacks for Winter Athletes”

Snacks for Winter Athletes


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