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Skiing Bumps Like a Rockstar…and Staying Supple, Too

As of today, January 11, 2014, I’ve already skied 42 days this season. I’ve been skiing so much that I’m behind on my quest to blog about it (…as you can see, I’ve only written about the first 15 days). However, I’d rather be out there skiing than sitting in here writing about it, and–anyway–writing also helps me with my skiing, too, especially since I’m a writer for Learnist, where I get to gather cool resources that ultimately help me become a better skier.

In my quest to ski 100 days this season, I hope to improve my moguls skiing. Moguls are, um, my nemesis. I hate them, and they hate me right back. But I don’t like being such a hater, so in my quest to improve, I created the “How to Ski Bumps Like a Rockstar” board on Learnist to both help me become better and to help me inspire others to love this challenging terrain.


All of this skiing has taken a toll on my body, and when I take rest days, I basically just sit around and write, walk the dog, and stretch things out. The “Staying Supple: Stretches for Downhill Skiers” board I created helps me remember what body parts need extra-special attention.


Thanks, Learnist, for keeping me motivated on and off of the slopes!


Skiing Triple Digits: Vail Training, Days 10-15

Day 10: Sunday, December 1
Vail Mountain New Hire Training

Day 10

I began this season working as a part-time ski instructor at Vail. Day 10 was my frist day of new hire training. On this day, I met my new crew and trained with The Chief, a great skier, a motivational instructor, and a good lift conversationalist.

Day 11: Monday, December 2
Vail Mountain New Hire Training

Day 11

I continued new hire training on Vail Mountain today and learned how dorky skiing really can be. With The Chief as our fearless trainer and guide, we re-learned the proper way to ski a wedge.

Day 12: Tuesday, December 3
Vail Mountain New Hire Training

Day 12

Another day of new hire training on Vail Mountain. The very fun Max joined us from Golden Peak for a superstar day full of of blended skills practice (basic parallel skiing, basic parallel skiing with short-radius turns, and–again–the Wedge Christie).

Day 13: Wednesday, December 4
Ski on Vail Mountain

Day 13

Finally, a day off of training. It was a beautiful outside, so I charged out to ski something more advanced than the wedge. Enjoyed a solo blue-sky bumps day!

Day 14: Friday, December 6
Vail Mountain New Hire Training

Day 14

Back to training, now with a different group of folks, including Sheila, a woman who has decided to be a ski instructor in her retirement, and the most excellent Mike Evans, trainer, skier, watcher of Hunger Games films.

Day 15: Saturday, December 7
Vail Mountain New Hire Training

Day 15

Back to the basics, again. Another day spent training on Vail Mountain with M.E. Working on basic parallel skills. Trying to carve not just any turn–but the perfect turn.

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