Skiing Triple Digits: Days 31-37, Vail x 7

I recently skied with Lauren from New York, who suggested that I begin simply sharing photos to help me keep up with my Skiing Triple Digits Quest blog posts. She told me about the #100happydays challenge at, which involves a challenge to share happy photos for 100 days in a row. Since my Skiing Triple Digits quest is ultimately aimed at skiing more than 100 days this season, I guess it could relate. I’m not trying to ski 100 days in a row…but I am trying to document something that makes me happy!

Since I recently skied my 85th day so far this season but have only written about the first 30 days, I’m technically 55 days behind on documenting the quest. I’m NOT backing off in my quest to ski more than 100 days this season…I’m so close. But I’m going to have to alter my documentation plan if I’m going to get caught up by the time I break the magic 100. So…I’m taking Lauren’s advice and sharing photos only until I get caught up! Here I go:

Day 31: Sunday, December 29

Dec 29

Day 32: Monday, December 30

Dec 30

Day 33: Tuesday, December 31

Dec 31

Day 34: Wednesday, January 1

Jan 1

Day 35: Thursday, January 2

Jan 2

Day 36: Friday, January 3

Jan 3

Day 37: Saturday, January 4

Jan 4

Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:

Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest


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