Skiing Triple Digits: Days 38-42, Vail-area Adventures

Days 38-42 of the Skiing Triple Digits Quest took me on a Lake Creek Backcountry adventure with Kelli and Val (Day 38); a PSIA Level II Certification training day on Vail Mountain (Day 39); and ski days on Vail Mountain (Days 40-42), with one incredible powder day I shared with my gal-pal Tarrie (on Day 42):

Day 38: Monday, January 6
Lake Creek Backcountry

Jan 6 trail

Hiking and skiing in the Lake Creek area with Kelli, Val, and the dogs…

Jan 6

Day 39: Wednesday, January 8
Vail, Level II Training Day

Day 40: Thursday, January 9

Day 41: Friday, January 10

Skiing in some pretty crappy conditions on Vail Mountain…

Jan 10

Day 42: Saturday, January 11

Amazing powder day skiing with Tarrie…

Jan 11

Super bright afternoon…so bright that I couldn’t see the screen on my phone, so I returned with several hilarious accidental selfies, like this one:

Jan 11 selfie1
Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:

Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest


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