Skiing Triple Digits: Days 43-48, Hut Trip and Training Days

On Days 43-48 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I went on a super-charmed hut trip to the High Lonesome Hut (Days 43-45) with Phil, Steph, Ant and the dogs Kai and Stella. We hiked in with lots of good food and drinks, and we had some fun adventures exploring the area and skiing laps on a little peak nearby. When I returned to Vail, I had a Level II training day (Day 46) and a two-day bumps clinic (Days 47-48) with John M., who really helped me improve my moguls skiing and teaching skills.

Day 43: Sunday, January 12
High Lonesome Hut Trip

Day 43-jan 12

Day 44: Monday, January 13
High Lonesome Hut Trip

day 44-jan 15

Day 45: Tuesday, January 14
High Lonesome Hut Trip

Phil and Steph…engaged!

day 45-jan 14

Day 46: Wednesday, January 15
Vail, Level II Training Day

day 46-jan 15

Day 47: Thursday, January 16
Vail, PSIA Bumps Clinic

Day 47-jan 16

Day 48: Friday, January 17
Vail, PSIA Bumps Clinic

day 48-jan 17

Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:

Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest

One response to “Skiing Triple Digits: Days 43-48, Hut Trip and Training Days

  1. Do NOT book this hut.

    The operator of this Andy Miller may just be the most unprofessional person I have ever spoken with. I emailed to reserve the hut weeks ago, he confirmed that the hut was available for us, we took time off of work and then he emails to tell us someone else called in and he gave the reservation to them. When I called Andy to find out what happened and potentially find an alternative date, he hung up on me despite that fact that I was not yelling or being rude.

    I understand that miscommunications happen, but if you are going to run a business, take the time to work with your potential customers and don’t hang up on them like a teenager. If you speak with Andy Miller, please inform him that he should do a better job of managing the reservation and treating people with respect.

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