Skiing Triple Digits: Days 56-61, All About Vail

As January turned into February, I continued to enjoy the process of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest. Even though I’d passed the halfway point, I wasn’t feeling bored or tired with skiing, or with Vail. On these six days, I skied at Vail…some days, I taught skiing; other days, I attended training sessions, and on others, I just skied for the fun of it all!

Day 56: Friday, January 31

Crowds rushing the Lionshead gondola:

day 56-jan 31

Day 57: Saturday, February 1

Northwoods trees:

day 57-feb 1

Day 58: Sunday, February 2

Cruising along Eagle’s Nest Ridge:

day 58-feb 2

Day 59: Wednesday, February 5
Vail, Level II Training Day

Who’s skiing the fatties (as if 102 underfoot is fat…)?

day 59-feb 5

Day 60: Friday, February 7

Still torturing myself into becoming a moguls skier:

day 60-feb 7

Day 61: Saturday, February 8

I love skiing with little rippers!

day 61-feb 8

Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:

Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest


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