Skiing Triple Digits: Days 83-88, All. Vail. Love.

On Days 83-88 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I stayed close to the mountain I know and love: Vail. Even on Day 83, I began the day’s adventures with a few hours of skiing at Vail before skiing the Minturn Mile with a group of friends. Skiing the Minturn Mile is always special, and on this occasion, we celebrated Antony’s birthday après-ski at the Minturn Saloon. Vail, however, continued to be the beginning and end of my best skiing adventures on Days 83-88.

Day 83: Thursday, March 13
Vail and the Minturn Mile

A birthday hug on the top of Ptarmigan Ridge:

day 83-march 13

Day 84: Saturday, March 15

A common sight in an area called the Vail Shop Yard. I think it looks a lot like McMurdo Station, Antarctica…especially that area between MCM’s Heavy Shop and Waste Barn:

day 84-march 15

Day 85: Sunday, March 16

Taught a ski lesson on a demo pair of Nordica Wild Belles:

Day 85-march 16

Day 86: Tuesday, March 18

Worked in my home office in the morning…and then went out for a few hours of amazing afternoon pow followed by a playful walk with Kai:

day 86-march 18

Day 87: Thursday, March 20

Taught skiing and met up with Ant for an inspired end-of-day blue-uniform run together:

day 87-march 20

Day 88: Friday, March 21

Mesmerized by blue skies and Gore Range peaks:

Day 88

Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:
Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest

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