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Badass Polar Adventures and Explorations

As you know, I love some of the world’s coolest places, Antarctica among them. I made my first trip to McMurdo Station in Antarctica to work in 2003, and then over the next few years, I spent 25 months there living and working for four summers and one winter season. While at McMurdo, I learned a lot about the history of exploration in Antarctica, and…of course…I read books, too, like Shackleton’s Endurance.

This week, I created two Learnist boards that compile and curate resources related to both North and South Pole exploration. First, if you want to know about Borge Ousland’s historic solo, unsupported expedition to the North Pole, then click the link to do your own virtual exploration:

Borge Ousland’s First Solo Trek to the North Pole


But if you’re more interested in exploring South Pole historic firsts, then check out this board:

South Pole Exploration: Historic Firsts

south pole

I’ve been curating a lot of content for Learnist, primarily on the topics of nature, adventure, and the outdoors. Check it all out here, on my Learnist page, and leave a comment if you’d like to request that I create a board on a specific topic you don’t (yet) see there!


Adventure Dogs and Winter Walking Tips

Since I’m on a quest to ski triple digits this season, I’ve obviously been skiing a lot. But I’ve been writing a lot, too. And one of my favorite things about having a home office is that I get to hang out with my love-dog, Kai. He’s a supercool boxer-lab mix with amazing brindle tiger stripes:


He naps on the floor while I get my writing work done, and then when I get freaked out about sitting at my desk for long stretches, we go outside and go on walks together in the snow. I also take him cross-country skiing with me on the railroad tracks just across the street.

These adventures have inspired two Learnist boards I created with other dog lovers in mind. First of all, going on dog walks in the cold weather is better if you have good gear, so check out this board to learn more:

“Winter Dog Walking Tips and Gear”

dog walk

Finally, if you’ve been wanting to get an adventurous four-legged friend, then you’ll want to check out which types of dogs are good outdoor companions. I’m super happy having Kai around, and even though he’s not the best in deep backcountry powder, he’s still pretty cool sleeping on my office floor while I write.

“Adventure Pups: Dog Breeds for Outdoors Lovers”

adventure pups

To see more of my Learnist boards focused on adventure, outdoors, nature, and sports, click here.

Recipes for the Gourmet Camper

Ever been starving-hungry on a backpacking trip and stuck with a bowl full of mushy yuck? Yeah, that sucks. In order to avoid such a fate, check out the Learnist board I just created: Recipes for the Gourmet Camper.”

recipes for the gourmet camper

When you’re roughing it on a camping trip, you don’t have to skimp on mealtime pleasure. This collection of gourmet recipes will keep all of your campers happyclick here to continue exploring