Skiing Triple Digits: Days 73-77, The Logan Academy

On Days 73-77 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I got in five more days of skiing at Vail. For three of these days, I skied with a team of superstar skiers as a part of Vail’s Logan Academy, which is a three-day clinic with a national team instructor, for which I was honored to be selected as a participant.

Day 73: Saturday, February 22

On this day, I taught a ski lesson to a four-year-old, and as I’m not used to teaching such young people, I think it was so traumatic that I forgot to take a photograph! If I had taken a photo, you would have seen me doing some extreme pizza wedging with a screaming child between my legs…

Day 74: Tuesday, February 25
Vail, Logan Academy

Herb, of the most excellent mustache:

day 74-feb 25

Day 75: Wednesday, February 26
Vail, Logan Academy

Taking the T-bar, Outer Mongolia:

day 75-feb 26

Day 76: Thursday, February 27
Vail, Logan Academy

Logan Academy crew under overcast skies:

day 76-feb 27

Day 77: Saturday, March 1

Yours truly, in blue:

day 77-march 1

Want more backstory?
Read about the quest here:

Skiing Triple Digits: The Quest

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