Hiking and Bear Safety: Survive a Black Bear Encounter

The black bears around Vail, Colorado are stocking up on food for their winter hibernation. The aspen leaves are turning gold and falling to the ground, and the nighttime temperatures have already started dropping below freezing. Yes–we’re all excited that snow will soon be falling, but before that, all of the bears will go to sleep, and we won’t see them again until the spring…when they come out hungry and ready to eat anything anyone leaves in an unlatched trash can.

If you encounter a bear on the trail, take these precautions to prevent a bad bear encounter: “Survive a Black Bear Encounter,” a recent article I wrote for the About.com Survival Skills website. After reading the article…check out this YouTube video in which a hiker gets a bit too close:

Hmmmmmm…maybe the person who made the above video should have given the bear more room…especially since he mentions that cubs are near, and it also sounds like children and others are nearby.

Want to know more about surviving a black bear encounter?
Read on:

“Survive a Black Bear Encounter”
Eight different types of bear species exist, but the American black bear is one of three bear species that hikers will encounter in North America. More often than not, black bears will turn and run away from approaching hikers, but sometimes they’re startled by hikers or they’re protecting cubs, and they can become aggressive…click here to continue reading


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