Tree-Pit Survival Shelters

This week, I wrote an article for the Survival Skills website titled “How to Build a Tree-Pit Survival Shelter,” which offers some step-by-step information about what to do when you you might unexpectedly need to build a shelter from natural materials. When might you find yourself in this situation? Let’s say you’re out skiing by yourself…

backcountry skiing

…and you didn’t plan on camping out overnight, but maybe you underestimated the avalanche conditions, and you get caught in an avalanche. You make it through, but you’re injured, and you can’t get to safety. If you can at least build a shelter to help you keep warm until you can muster the strength to crawl your way out of the backcountry…or until rescue crews can reach you, then you may be in luck.

winter snowshoeing

Another situation when you might need to build a tree-pit shelter? Let’s say you’re out snowshoeing by yourself on a day hike, and you get injured. You’re unable to get yourself home before dark, and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It’s a blizzard, and you’re starting to get very, very cold. Look for a tree well, and start building your tree-pit shelter.

If you don’t know what a good tree well looks like, this YouTube video points out a few good ones:

Now that you know where to start, read the rest of my article on the Survival Skills site for the next steps:
“How to Build a Tree-Pit Survival Shelter”
You’ve been out snowshoeing all day, and now it’s getting dark. You’re lost in deep snow in an evergreen forest. You have no tent, and a storm begins to blow in. What do you do?…click here to continue reading


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