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Skiing Triple Digits: Days 67-72, Family Fun

On Days 67-72 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I taught skiing six days in a row on a private lesson with an eight-year-old from New Jersey and his family. Despite a few falls and meltdowns, we had a blast, and it was fun for me to watch Leo’s progress throughout the week. We started out like this…ME: Do you remember how to turn? HIM: No. ME: Do you remember how to stop? HIM: No.

Yikes! So we started with stopping and turning, and by the end of the week, we were out skiing with poles and exploring Vail’s Porcupine Alley and Magic Forest. We survived full-on blizzard conditions at Beaver Creek, told each other corny jokes, and worked up to carving turns on blue groomers. Happy, happy times and lots of family fun!

Day 67: Sunday, February 16

Frozen condiments at Buffalo’s:

day 67-feb 16

Day 68: Monday, February 17

Marshmallows, Eagle’s Nest hot chocolate break:

day 68-feb 17

Day 69: Tuesday, February 18

Wildwood, of course:

day 69-feb 18

Day 70: Wednesday, February 19

Whipped cream makes me smile:

day 70-feb 19

Day 71: Thursday, February 20
Beaver Creek

Saved by another hot chocolate break:

day 71-feb 20

Day 72: Friday, February 21
Beaver Creek

Crazy body tricks and jokes from kids keep me laughing all day long:

day 72-feb 21

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Skiing Triple Digits: Days 62-66, Backyard | Slackcountry | Mountain

On Days 62-66 of the Triple Digits Quest, I flirted with the idea of getting in backcountry skiing shape, which meant that I skinned up Meadow Mountain with my dog Kai and realized that it’s been a while since I’ve been in that kind of shape. And then I just retreated back to a mountain with ski lifts and trails groomed for downhill skiing…

Day 62: Sunday, February 9
Vail, and the Minturn Mile

Skied with Antony at Vail and then skied the Minturn Mile to the saloon.

day 62-feb 9

Day 63: Monday, February 10
Meadow Mountain

Skinned up Meadow Mountain and skied down with Kai.

day 63-feb 10

Day 64: Wednesday, February 12
Vail, Level II Training Day

Worked on teaching progressions with amazing trainer Greg Kelly.

day 64-feb 12

Day 65: Friday, February 14

Taught skiing at Vail.

day 65-feb 14

Day 66: Saturday, February 15

Taught skiing at Vail.

day 66-feb 15

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Skiing Triple Digits: Days 49-55, Vail and Local Backcountry

On Days 49-55 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I skied a few days at Vail, and I also got outside for a few local backcountry and slackcountry adventures with friends and dogs. Here’s the breakdown:

Day 49: Saturday, January 18

Cruising through Porcupine Ally on Vail Mountain:

Day 49-Jan 18

Day 50: Sunday, January 19
Vail…and evening hike-ski up Lake Creek

Skied at Vail during the day and then went for a skin up Lake Creek with Kai to catch this beautiful sunset. I skied down the tight trail in the dark–with a headlamp, and with Kai running behind me. Charmed evening adventure.

Day 50-Jan 19

Day 51: Wednesday, January 22
Vail, Level II Training Day

Another certification training day at Vail. Besides loving skiing, I love the people I meet in the process–like Doug, here, who has also been training for his Pizza (PSIA) Level II cert.

day 51-jan 22

Day 52: Thursday, January 23
Backcountry Day with Kreston and Kelli

Great bluebird backcountry day out with Kreston and Kelli and their dog Henry, in the shadow of Pacific Peak.

day 52-jan 23

Day 53: Saturday, January 25

My trusty K2 skis at Eagle’s Nest.

day 53-jan 25

Day 54: Sunday, January 26

Skiing Vail’s Black Forest Race Arena with kids.

day 54-jan 26

Day 55: Tuesday, January 28
Backcountry-Slackcountry Day

A great day out with my tree-hugging gal-pal from Boulder.

day 55-jan 28

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Skiing Triple Digits: Days 43-48, Hut Trip and Training Days

On Days 43-48 of my Skiing Triple Digits Quest, I went on a super-charmed hut trip to the High Lonesome Hut (Days 43-45) with Phil, Steph, Ant and the dogs Kai and Stella. We hiked in with lots of good food and drinks, and we had some fun adventures exploring the area and skiing laps on a little peak nearby. When I returned to Vail, I had a Level II training day (Day 46) and a two-day bumps clinic (Days 47-48) with John M., who really helped me improve my moguls skiing and teaching skills.

Day 43: Sunday, January 12
High Lonesome Hut Trip

Day 43-jan 12

Day 44: Monday, January 13
High Lonesome Hut Trip

day 44-jan 15

Day 45: Tuesday, January 14
High Lonesome Hut Trip

Phil and Steph…engaged!

day 45-jan 14

Day 46: Wednesday, January 15
Vail, Level II Training Day

day 46-jan 15

Day 47: Thursday, January 16
Vail, PSIA Bumps Clinic

Day 47-jan 16

Day 48: Friday, January 17
Vail, PSIA Bumps Clinic

day 48-jan 17

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Skiing Triple Digits: Days 38-42, Vail-area Adventures

Days 38-42 of the Skiing Triple Digits Quest took me on a Lake Creek Backcountry adventure with Kelli and Val (Day 38); a PSIA Level II Certification training day on Vail Mountain (Day 39); and ski days on Vail Mountain (Days 40-42), with one incredible powder day I shared with my gal-pal Tarrie (on Day 42):

Day 38: Monday, January 6
Lake Creek Backcountry

Jan 6 trail

Hiking and skiing in the Lake Creek area with Kelli, Val, and the dogs…

Jan 6

Day 39: Wednesday, January 8
Vail, Level II Training Day

Day 40: Thursday, January 9

Day 41: Friday, January 10

Skiing in some pretty crappy conditions on Vail Mountain…

Jan 10

Day 42: Saturday, January 11

Amazing powder day skiing with Tarrie…

Jan 11

Super bright afternoon…so bright that I couldn’t see the screen on my phone, so I returned with several hilarious accidental selfies, like this one:

Jan 11 selfie1
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Spring Skiing Tips and Party Locator

The weather here in Vail has been simply amazing, and I’m happy to say that the spring skiing season has arrived. No more of those freezing December temperatures…it’s all blue skies with warm Colorado sun shining down. Only one thing…does this mean that the ski season will soon be over?

Either way, I’m determined to enjoy the ski season, one day at a time, until the very end. I know that spring skiing can be challenging, so I wanted to share some “Tips for Spring Skiing” here on this Learnist board:

Tips for Spring Skiing

Spring is also a time in Colorado when you can find a good party or concert at just about any ski area. But if you want to hone in on the best of the spring break fun, then check out the “Colorado: Spring Skiing Party Central” board in order to determine which events you won’t want to miss:

Colorado Spring Skiing Party Central

Enjoy the spring skiing, wherever you are. Glide on!

Family Fun: East Vail Ice Climbing

My sister and I get up to some pretty good adventures, including ice climbing in East Vail, near where I live. Once when she was out visiting from New York, we got all geared up and headed out for some sisterly fun.

Traci J Macnamara ice climbing

I stomped up a snow-filled gully to set up a top rope on an established anchor…

east vail ice climbing

…and then I rappelled down so that we could take turns belaying each other on the climb.

east vail top top ice climbing

Meanwhile, my sister was freezing her butt off while waiting because, well, ice climbing is a cold activity. But she looks cute, huh, like an ice princess here?

shawna macnamara ice princess

However, she was no princess on the climb. This girl can pull serious mental mojo out of that same freezing butt when necessary, and she picked her way to the top with relative ease:

shawna macnamara ice climbing

If you haven’t tried ice climbing, it’s cold (obviously), challenging, and ultimately fun. But it’s the sort of thing you want to try for the first time with an experienced mentor or guide.

Thinking about giving ice climbing a try?
Check out these Learnist boards I created to learn more about ice climbing and required gear:

“Ice Climbing 101: A Beginner’s Guide”

“Essential Ice Climbing Equipment”